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The website of a solicitor, in common with all websites, should act: –

  • as an online brochure.
  • means to attract targeted new visitors who may become clients..

Solicitor’s Website as an Online Brochure

Website - Online Brochure

Website as an Online Brochure

As an online brochure, a solicitor’s website should obey professional rules on advertising and it should be designed to the highest standards.

The content should be to provide the information that visitors need in a succinct format that is attractive and easy to follow.

Text on a website should be in short sections and paragraphs rather than like an old-fashioned text book. Bullet points, and columns help readers to find the information they require quickly. Images make webpages more pleasant

Website attracting new targeted visitors for solicitors.

Website should attract new targeted visitors to a firm of solicitors

If you want your website to attract potential new clients, your website needs SEO – Search Engine Optimisation.

The fundamentals fo SEO are: –

  • Choosing the best keywords to target – Keyword Research.
  • On-Page optimisation – putting your target keywords, synonyms and related words correctly on the visible parts of the page and in the underlying coding.
  • Regular updates of useful information most easily achieved with a blog on your website.
  • Off-Page optimisation – increasing the total power of incoming links to your webpages.
  • High quality scores for your pages – search engines monitor the response of visitors to your website with factors such as time on site and the building of links to your website.
  • Social Media – Content on social media including FaceBook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn help to increase your digital footprint.

Having a captivating website by a web design firm that understands SEO is the key to internet success. There are excellent SEO firms who can implement changes aimed at achiving top page positioning on Google for the best keywords where top page positioning is possible. Many law firms have one member of the team who specialises in SEO. They may find it helpful to have keyword research undertaken by an online firm who will do the keyword research for you including finding good keywords, checking the optimisation of  your targeting web page and checking on positioning.